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Redmi Smart Band First Online Sale Starts on Amazon

Redmi Smart Band Technical Specifications,Features,Price

Redmi Smart Band ready to wear in your hands with many features upcoming in India on Amazon Specials Days, first sale starts from 9th Sep at 1 PM.


Redmi Smart Band

The Xiaomi's Redmi Smart Band comes to India with many features, It is a reasonably priced smart band and comes with a colorful and touchscreen display. This wearable gadgets comes in market with 4 colors of band straps.

Technical Specification

First of all, when talking about the feature of this Wearable Gadgets, it comes with a color display and 2.74 cm LCD touch screen. To attract people, it has a resolution of 128 x 220 resolutions and supports USB charging.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge this band and you can control your connected smartphone music player with play/pause options.

With this gadgets you can measure your heart rate 24 hours anytime.

Professional Modes

  1. Walking:  Its work efficient while walk on road
  2. Running: While running its count your steps and burns calories.
  3. Cycling: Its calculate the total distance achieve by a racer.
  4. Exercise: M measure your heart rate and calories burn in between exercise mode.
  5. Sleeping Time: When you sleep in night or day it calculates your total sleep times in hours.
Extra notifications SMS or Social Media Apps alerts on screen with real time.

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Redmi Smart Band Price in India

Price of this band starts from 1,500 in India. This is an amazing offer that everyone would like to take, with more features at a lower price.

The first sale starts from Amazon 9th Sep at 1 PM : click here 

How to Buy

The offer for this closure is that first come and take which will be available at a very cheap price on Amazon on 9th September at 1 PM.

Redmi Smart Band Color Type

It will be sold online with 4 types of colors, Orange, Black, Blue and Green.


In this band you get 10 features which are very useful in your daily life and will work in the future.

Top 10 Features of  Redmi Smart Band

  1. Set an alarm
  2. App notifications
  3. Sleep time monitors
  4. Motion Activity Tracker
  5. Weather forecast with temperature.
  6. Phone location detector
  7. Event reminder notification
  8. Heart pulse rate monitor
  9. Caller Id of connected phone contacts
  10. Alarms alerts


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