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Jio in the Mood to Launch First low-cost Android Phone Before 2021

Jio Will Launch Cheap Mobile Phone Again Before 2021

Jio is Growing to Bye Bye 2G Network

Jio Highlights

  • Jio is now in the mood to launch Cheap Android phones, it can launch with 4G and 5G network supported.
  • Jio has joined hands with the multiple company making Android Mobiles in the low price range, and these phones will hold the 4G and 5G networks.
  • With this decision of Jio, now India will also be free from 2G network.
  • With this scheme, the whole of India can get rid of 2G network.

Jio Free Calls and Data Recharges Will be Given on New Phones to Benefit Consumers

Just as before, after launching the 4G network, Jio launched smartphones equipped with new Android operating system. In the same new phone will be launch before the launch of the 5G network.

What are Jio New Scheme

  • This scheme will be available only to consumers taking new phones
  • The old customer of Jio will not get these new offers.
  • It will be mandatory to get a new Jio Sim with every phone, otherwise this data bundle offer will not be available.
  • Whether this scheme will be given on porting the old number or not, no news has been received yet

Jio New Scheme Benefits

This scheme will be given only to selected customers who will buy new handsets.It will be mandatory to take prime membership.

  • Free video calling and voice calling can be given free of charge for 3 to 6 months.

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