How to Buy iPhone with cash in India

Buy iPhone with Cash

How to Buy iPhone with cash in India
How to Buy iPhone with cash India

There is no Apple own store currently available India, so please go to the nearest offline retailer store to buy iPhone with cash payment. 

If you really want to buy Apple iPhone from Apple store then you have to wait till 2021.
As confirm by Apple CEO Tim Cook that he will open first Apple store India ,Mumbai by 2021.

List of acceptable offline retail store for buy iPhone with cash India.

NOKIA 5G Series New Mobile Phone

NOKIA Series Mobile

A big rumor news coming from NOKIA that company showing 5G series 3 mobile phones at MWC2020 exhibition.

WMC 2020

Nokia phones model names are NOKIA 8.2 G, NOKIA 5.2,NOKIA 1.3, Nokia 5.3 and Original series phone at MWC2020 exhibition whose first look is very good and it's features fantastic.

When 5G Wireless Network will Launch in India

5G Launch Date India

After successfully 4G LTE launch on India now we are moving into fifth generation technology which is very closed inches by inches by 5G trial begin India.

TRAI says that we are dependent with China because cheap and best processor are exported from Chinese market so after successfully trails we are focusing with 5G Gadgets.

5G Wireless Network Banner
5G Wireless Network in India

When 5G Trial Begin in India

5G LTE wireless services already used by satellite for communication where bandwidth are GB's per second. India currently 4G plans speed are 4-5 Mbps 
where other country 4G speed are upto 20 Mbps. So firstly launch 4G completely India we are focusing with 4G LTE towers where users loads are deadly increased.
TRAI says that in China 80% of towers are 5G capable so they are ready for move 5G launch easily, while India our still 4G towers are behind to provide better bandwidth to access all mobile users. 

5G trials will begin after network operator submit their paper to TRAI India 2020.

Most of the network operator already submit paper for 5G trials companies are Airtel, Jio, Idea and BSNL.

What is New in 5G Wireless Technology India : Gadgetstime

5G Wireless Technology

5G Technology
5G Technology

5G Internet based service is for digital cellular network and which is improved by in year of 2020. Currently in China 5G service were launch and many devices and gadgets are using 5G LTE where mobile broadband bandwidth speed is hike up to 10-100 Times. 4G network generally speed was 8-10 Mbps but in 5G it increased up to 100-200 Mbps.

New Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor for 5G

A new version of chipset Octa Core processor was introduced by Qualcomm Snapdragon for mobiles platform. The version name of Snapdragon processor are 720G, 662 and 460 which is make for gaming devices and low battery consumption as confirm by Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 720G enables 4K video recording and improved gaming experience by any devices.